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Our focus

Photography  is our passion.

Luckily photography is also our job.

We have pursued this dream for many years, and we thank God for having driven us here.

It is a great fortune to work on what you love, because it makes you offer your best to the world, adding value to everything you do.

What we seek when we are taking wedding pictures, is to capture those unique and unrepeatable moments in order to make those images transport you years ago and make you remember how you felt at that moment.

Each wedding is special and unique , each wedding is completely different because each couple has something special.

Love, smiles, happiness, joy, emotions, tears … all those feelings will be present in your wedding day, and we want to accompany you to  capture them.

Think that your wedding is part of your story, think that time is an important milestone in your life and think how you would like to remember it. That moment will be part of your legacy for your kids and grandkids. How would you like to appear on it?

Our photographic style is a mixture of artistic photography and photojournalism, with hints of landscape photography and cinematic. We look for originality in the images through natural, freshness, sensitivity, spontaneity …

To achieve that goal we work subtly, trying to pass unnoticed at all times in order to tell your story, we believe the best results always come to telling it like it is.

You can count on us as your personal photographers to capture all those moments.

Tell us about your plans and dreams for that day. From Analogue Art Photography we will study how to introduce them into the frame of your memories.

Thanks for considering us to be part of your wedding day.

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Analogue Art Photography “We shine your emotions”

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José Eugenio

If I had to think about my first encounter with photography. I would have to go so far away in time. I still have memories about my spent summers in my grandmother house. It was in a part of the house where there was an iron box plenty of pictures, old pictures that got me back to moments which happened a long time before I was born.

Pictures that told me how the world was at the end of the XIXth and beginning of XXth Century. Those moments looking at those pictures always were special for me and I guess they marked my way

Some time later I started taking my father’s camera and doing my earlier work with it. Then it came my first analog reflex and finally the arrival of the digital world. It has been a long time since then and  I want to show what I have  learnt during that time .

I have always been keen on art in its many different forms . I think that  we show all our sensitivity through art . For my part, I drifted towards music and photography.

Working in  social and wedding photography allows me to have a dream job which makes me do what I want, makes me do what I like and also makes me meet many special people and travel around the world. For me it’s the perfect job.

I want to encourage you to always fight for your dreams because if you work hard and you visualize them, I’m sure they will come true.

José Eugenio Fernández


I like standing next to the sea and the feeling of being enveloped by the sound of the waves.

I studied websites design and it was then when my relation with photography started. I like learning about things and I’m always in search of new techniques and styles to use in photography.

Follower of coaching and personal development , I think we all have a huge potential inside us and  I like looking for techniques to develop it.

I enjoy capturing all the little details surrounding your wedding, details we will always want to remember. I love traveling and meeting new people and new places and that’s why I love my job .

I hope we met, and be part of your wedding day!.

Marisol Fernández

In Analogue Art Photography we are specialist in capturing the moments of your special day to always remember…

Our coverage is worldwide.


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